Experience high end features and services by switching to digital classroom and make your assessments Credible and Valid


Simple UI and Cost Effective

  • User friendly assessment platform along with a wide range of advance functionality.
  • The most affordable platform with an ability to simplify the process of creating a test.
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Best Online Examination System in India

Low Bandwidth

  • Optimized for low bandwidth and consumes less data for long duration exams.
  • It requires no additional software installations.

Eco Friendly

  • Promote the benefits for education institutes going from Paper To Digital.
  • Transforming classrooms into a paper-free zone which helps in reducing waste and providing a cleaner and more sustainable world for our children in the future.
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Best Online Assessment Platform in India


  • Our assessment platform works smoothly and efficiently on all the laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • We provide a smart, sophisticated infrastructure that helps you deliver an exceptional online learning experience from start to finish.

24x7 Service

  • Well-arranged training documentation, standard operating procedures and recorded video sessions to ensure the smooth on boarding of clients.
  • A dedicated account manager and a team that is available 24x7 to ensure smooth functioning and resolving any query or issue that our clients could face during the live exams.
Top Proctored Assessment for Corporates in India
Best Proctored Assessment for Corporates in India

Multi-speciality platform

  • Providing end-to-end assessment solutions right from test design, administration, and proctoring to evaluation and result generation.
  • Combining AI-based and blended live proctoring for Reliable and Smooth Assessments.

New Age Proctoring

Multiple Proctoring Solution

  • Intelligent cheating prevention system to detect any suspicious activity in online exam with AI based algorithm.
  • Maintain Integrity of Online Exams.
Best ERP School Management Software
Top Offline Exam Module System in India

Paper Preview and Answer Sheet Review System

  • Preview and Review of question paper helps in bridging the gap between offline and online exams.
  • Students feels comfortable and confident once all the questions and the answers marked are visible using one click on the screen.

Auto terminate and resume

  • Warning Signals and Automatic termination in case of any suspicious activity helps in maintaining the credibility of online exams.
  • Resume button helps in providing second chance to students in case of power failure, laptop shut down or network issues without losing already attempted questions response.
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Top Employee Payroll Management System in India

ML Based Assessment Platform

  • ML-based recommendation engine for adaptive learning.
  • Each student gets a custom set of problems to solve based on their progress. Question is recommended to the student is based on the history of attempts and accuracy.

Physical Behaviour Tracking

  • Detects suspicious behaviour, identifies the true identities of test-takers, and restricts the use of unauthorized applications.
  • Our algorithm detects and records any suspicious changes in a student’s physical behaviour.
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Question Bank Management Software

Mobile supported proctoring solution

  • To make things easier for teachers and students, we have also made the mobile version available for our users, through an App.
  • Creating an assessment, conducting and proctoring of an exam can easily be done using any mobile device.

Test Creation

Multiple Question Format

  • Create question papers in 2 minutes using our test generator software. Supports 15 + unique question types ranging from MCQ Single Correct, MCQ Multi-Correct with partial marking, Numerical Value type, True-False, Match the Following, Fill in the Blanks, One Word to Subjective and Comprehension.
  • Set the format as per your requirements. In-built part and section segregation to reduce your efforts.
Question Bank Management System
Assessment Management Software

Automated Evaluation

  • Get your answer sheets evaluated instantly.
  • Create interactive reports using part wise, section wise and question wise analysis.

Manual Evaluation and Online Answer sheet checker

  • Manually evaluate subjective type answers typed answers or uploaded in the form of images / PDFs.
  • In-built online answer sheet checker helps in checking the copies easily and share it with the students using publish result.
Question Bank Management Software
Cheating Free Online Exam Software

Rank List Generator

  • Generate rank list with detailed analytics and export in excel sheet for exam department record.
  • Our platform allows you to easily create and analyze student results. We provide timely, actionable insights to students.

Report Generation

  • Pre-formatted reports can be useful to visually analyze a student’s performance against their class, sections, or grade.
  • Single click download answer sheets option is available to keep records.
integrated hostel management system
student hostel management system

Multi-Language Support

  • Create question paper and conduct exams
    in any language.
  • Questions to be shown in candidates preferred language.

Quick Registration

  • Simplified sign up process using unique registration number and minimum 6-digit password.
  • Block/Unblock user IDs as per administration requirements.
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Top Hostel Management System for India

Randomize Question Order

  • Design online exam with question randomization approach according to difficulty level and exam pattern.
  • Create Dynamic Papers using our AI-powered algorithm and use them foe online and offline exams.

In-built Question Bank Repository

  • High quality question bank with detailed step by step solutions.
  • Drag and drop questions and create a paper in 2 minutes.
Top Hostel Management System for India in 2022

Anti-Cheating Measures

AI-based Test Termination

  • Flagging suspicious activities in the form of colour codes.
  • Auto termination based on pre-defined rules violation.
Powerful Student Grades Management System
Powerful Student Report Card Management System

Test Access Code

  • Set access code to add one more layer of security to your question paper.
  • Share it with students just before the exams to maintain confidentiality of the paper.

Live and Remote Proctoring

  • Our platform combines the benefits of automated proctoring and live remote proctoring to maintain exam integrity.
  • Our proctoring solution combines AI with a human touch to provide the hybrid solution using which proctors can intervene in real-time to address possible dishonesty as soon as it happens.
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Voice Detection

  • AI based voice detection system goes beyond by listening for specific keywords or phrases, such as “OK Google,” to identify suspicious students and prevent cheating remotely.
  • Alerts provided to proctors in real-time to pop into the online exam session via in-built chat or video to intervene and terminate the student, if required.

Face Recognition

  • Candidate face identification before starting the exam and throughout the exam to ensure the right candidate is appearing in the exam.
  • Export all the activities from the logs panel in excel sheet or PDF as a proof.
Top 3 Trending Software in School ERP
Best School ERP in India

Safe Exam Browser

  • Hassle-free web browser environment to conduct online examinations securely.
  • Control candidate activities, disable screen sharing or access to any other websites.

Online Classes

1-license for all

  • No need to purchase and manage licenses.
  • Hassle free set up and 1-click schedule upload.
School ERP Software for 2022
AI-based Remote Proctoring works


  • Easily export students and teacher’s attendance along with time spent in the class.
  • Reduce teacher’s efforts in taking manual attendance, it’s automated in our platform.

Personalized Branded Mobile/Tablet App

  • Get your own institute branded mobile and desktop application.
  • Teach your students using your own app.
Remote Proctoring using Artificial Intelligence
Onscreen evaluation System

User Authentication

  • Connect with online classes in an efficient and transparent manner.

Hassle Free Meetings

  • Features like host controls and low data consumption helps in enhancing learning outcomes.
Online Question Paper Generation
Highly Reputed No #1 Assessment Tool

Subtle Screen Sharing and Integrated white board

  • Allows host to present and share content through screen sharing option.

High Quality Recordings

  • Automatic recording and downloading of classes helps in maintaining record and developing quality video content.
AI Based Auto Remote Proctoring

Learning Management System

Organize Content

  • Provides you a platform to create and manage flexible, secure, accessible and highly engaging e-Learning courses in an efficient manner.
cloud-based exam solution
Top Classroom Management Software

Share notes and videos and Assign Homework

  • Drag and drop your videos, PDF's PPT's and track the learning path of candidates.
  • Use In-build high quality animated video lectures free of cost.

Check Assignments online

  • Online assignment checker and result publish option allows you to connect with students and parents in an efficient manner.
Best Classroom Management Software in 2022
Best lms software for higher education

Continuous Mentoring and Doubt Solving Sessions

  • Conduct doubt solving sessions any time using single click.

Diversified Courses

  • A pedagogical toolbox designed to help you work smarter.
  • Use in-built question bank and animated video lectures free of cost.
LMS for Higher Education


User Data Privacy and Data Encryption

  • Enables you to have complete control over your data to meet your legislation and compliance requirements.
  • Our Platform use SSL for encrypted and authenticated data communication.
modern learning management system
Next-Generation Learning Management System

Backup Data

  • Our software lets you store Images, Video, Audio or Document, in a fully secure manner.
  • Appropriate back-up and disaster recovery solutions are kept in place and provided to our customers on demand.
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